I feel like I need to read more poetry 📚 and also listen to more classical music 🎼these days. Would dearly love some recommendations, if anyone has some?

Found a Puriri moth on the side of the road on my morning walk today. Picked it up, thinking it was dead, but after ten or so paces it started moving in my hand. Wish I’d got a photo of me holding it (they’re huge!), but here it is in the pohutukawa I popped it on.

Waiting for the school bus…in a few minutes this clam will be completely shattered! 😉

Someone’s chicken has gone into overdrive. I can hear it bokking over the hills!

I’m trying to teach myself to draw dungeon maps. Here’s a first attempt :)

Tonight’s sky 🥰

Going to try and be more regular with blogging…again. Today’s offering: Bus Stop Days.

Really enjoyed reading this post about Agnes Martin! I hadn’t heard of her but she sounds like a wonderful soul.

Weird sea fog settling over the bay today!

Wow - all of the world’s (I’m assuming larger) marine vessels: www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/ho…

Been off all things social media for the last wee while (plus it’s school holidays!), but here’s a snapshot of what I’ve been up to lately… trying to set up a Traveller-themed version of “No GM’s Sky” with Mythic GME (game master emulator) and UNE (universal NPC emulator)! New to all of these tools and systems so this is probably quite ambitious, but I have a character (a scientist type), a patron (rich tourist who wants to see all the sights), a ship (a fancy entertainment yacht) and a twelve person crew! Whew!

The most delightfully geeky haul arrived in the post today! 🎲🌈

That time my daughter was mistaken for Prince George, and me his Spanish nanny

Playing: Freeway Warrior: Highway Holocaust by Joe Dever. (Many many of his gamebooks are (legally) free on this site, if you fancy a bit of Lone Wolf…)

I’ve discovered Ironsworn!

Interview with Peter Fenwick: what really happens when you die?

Seeing as kiwis are conversationally in vogue right now, how’s this for a good excuse to come over? Worldcon in NZ in 2020 We could tie in some geeky micro.blog meetup? 🤖 🥝 🖖

If anyone is thinking about getting Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty, I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough. Several recipes in there (looking at you, red spiced lentils) have become my go-to regulars. This week made his “chickpea, tomato and bread soup,” and it is to die for!!

I’m not very up-to-date with this collection of Blot links but I did update it with info on Webmentions… if anyone would like me to add a link or post please just let me know!

Some disorganised thoughts on keeping a daily diary.

Also on my illustrious calendar: Geysercon. Fortuitously discovered this was on at the same time as we are heading up to Rotorua! Really rather excited :)

Really excited to be going to Webstock this year, thanks to my employer, Lil Regie, who is sending everyone (all five of us!) I’ve volunteered for background stuff for them for three or so years BC (before child) but have never been as an attendee! So excited.

Got to take the day off yesterday to celebrate my in-laws’ 60th wedding anniversary! It was awesome. 😊

I still have to use Facebook to see what’s going on in my community as all the groups still use it. Usually it’s a bit of a drag, though today it was nice to see Wellington District Police have a firm handle on their social media account….

New blog post: Tarot for writers