Day 24: I’m definitely sick. Stayed in my pjs all day, though I did work. Here’s a wall :)

Day 23: I’ve caught a cold, I think, so here’s an oldie but a goodie

A little girl is excited to be on a triumph sprint RS while her dad stands beside her smiling

Day 22: brainstorming

A whiteboard with story notes

Day 21: Jackson street cottage in Petone. Apparently it’s an architect’s place of work? They certainly do a lovely job on the garden in any case….

A cottage, with garden overflowing with flowers and other plants

Day 20: bus stop

A girl putting on a purple sweatshirt in a yellow bus shelter.

Day 19: my sister playing bass

A woman wearing a 3Ds shirt playing bass. She’s brave, having just started chemo.

Day 18: party balloon

A balloon with a kawaii face on it, sitting on some wooden stairs

Day 17: Chewie

A handsome tabby cat

Day 16: new camera day! 😍

Day 15: waiting at the bus stop

Selfie of a girl and mum against a brick wall

Day 14: melting moments at the pavillion

young girl in black and white cardigan eats a melting moment cookie with pink icing

Day 13: off to a party!

Young girl and mum dressed up and taking a selfie in the car before going to a party

Day 12 part two: woah! Thick and dark and very umami, as you might expect.

Day 12: Say what? Peanut butter miso beer, courtesy of Garage Project

Surrender to the void: peanut butter miso beer

Day 11: wet

Wet, mossy flight of stairs

Day 10: Waterloo train station, Lower Hutt

Black and white photo of the roof of a train station. A sliver of moon is just visible.

Day 9: wet, cold, and miserable!

Cold view over the Wellington harbour

Day 8: a non-cat photo. 😅 The view from the kitchen window!

A view through a window frame of the Wellington harbour

Day 7: I don’t mean to only post pictures of cats, but they don’t complain, are relatively photogenic, and regularly position themselves dorkily.

A cat in a brown bag and another on a still look outside

Day 6 — morning pages. Always with pencil, it feels sketchier that way.

Morning pages. Pencil on a notebook page.

Day 5 - whoops, weekend, and nearly forgot to post today!

Jesus saves at the BNZ bank, apparently.

Jesus saves at the BNZ &10;

Day 4: the desperation is real

Two hungry cats

Day 3–chaotic lines

📺Bad Buddy!

As described so well in this post, it was a joyous twist on Romeo/Juliet/Sharks/Jets/BL tropes. Super sweet.

Pōhutukawa in sunlight…spring is in the air even though it’s still July!