Just came across this incredible article written several years ago on the guardian: a biographer’s friend discover 140+ diaries in a skip and he goes about investigating the life of their author…

This history of indexing, searching, and information pretty much blew my mind…

Hot damn! Struck the motherlode of misplaced film just now while going through my fabric stash. I’d been searching for these for ages and had pretty much given up on ever finding them! Woo!

Really lovely post by Austin Kleon on creativity as a parent.

Next up on the further adventures of a girl and her blot: how to figure out how pagination rules work for the entries summary page. The default looks to be 5 entries. I want at least double that :)

Now Lou Diamond Phillips has joined the Wiggles…

Blog hosting question: what platforms do people use these days? Thinking (again) about migrating my wordpress.com blog to…something else. Are there any beginner-friendly resources you’d recommend?

Robbie Rakete on the Wiggles this morning talking about taniwha! 👍

Caro Diario: one of my all-time favourite movies. The scene where Nanni Moretti’s riding his vespa to Keith Jarret’s “Köln Concert” just does it for me every time.

Anyone have any tips on unblocking inkjet printer heads? Have been scouring the internet and used a stupid amount of ink on nozzle cleaning. Yellow still playing hardball.

New goverenment announces budget. Opposition MPs tweet angrily that they will continue to eat pies.

Breaking news!

Getting really excited - @macgenie is interviewing me tomorrow for the Micro Monday podcast! :D

Some Good, Some Bad

Good grief, it’s been a real week of highs and lows:

* Spent the week meticulously writing down all my photos in my new Analog Book, only to discover a blank roll when I unloaded the development tank - turns out the camera wasn’t winding on and I didn’t notice!😩

* the photos that I was expecting to be total trash (after opening the back of an old lomo konstruktor and finding film inside) might actually be recoverable 🤞

* my d&d group of 8+ years is now homeless and may have to disband 🧙‍♂️

* my daughter has just come down sick with what looks like a tummy bug

* and this beauty arrived in the post today. She’s perfect. 🤩 📷

As an ex-Washingtonian I’ve got to say I’m totally jazzed by the preset names in sunlit! Find myself smiling every time I see them.

So, so happy to be able to announce that my short story, “The Obstinate One,” was accepted by Flame Tree Publishing for inclusion in their gothic short story collection, Lost Souls.


wipes butter off face oh yeah, now I remember why I took a break from making sourdough every week…

Yesterday I managed to take my Konica Hexar apart and fix its notorious sticky shutter/ autofocus. Found an awesome YouTube tutorial on it and thanks to husbo Steve and his handy bottle of contact cleaner, it’s now working as good as new. 🤩

I think they’re warming up to each other. 😺