Scrivener syncing via Dropbox is driving me mental. Every time I sync after using the iPad, I wind up with conflicts. Every. Single. Time.

Just took the plunge and subscribed to You lot are too cool to stop hanging out with :)

The everyday pens (and dirty desk).

Wellington well and truly socked in. After two days of catching the bus (car in garage for new starter motor) it was great to have wheels again…and get out of this rain!

Calm before the storm. What will Gita be bringing in the next few hours?…

This makes me so angry; not just because wealthy doomsdayers are taking advantage of our beautiful country without giving anything back - but because we’re letting them.

Five year old, yelling from lounge: “Muuum! When are you going to make–” Spots sandwich, sitting on plate on coffee table. “Oh.” Score.

Confession: I just keep twitter on my phone so I can look up #eqnz during/after earthquakes in the middle of the night.

📚Finished tonight: Paper Girls vol 2. Awesome stuff, but Saga definitely pushing my buttons right now.

Cracking up watching “Monster Squad” after last watching it in the 80s. It’s surprisingly good. Poor kid with the zombie in his closet! Also, thanks Paper Girls for the reminder 😜🎬📚

Where I usually write:

📚Finished After The Quake. Now on to Kelly Link’s Get In Trouble.

🕹 Current gaming goodness: Pillars of Eternity / Life Is Strange / Va-11 Hall-A

About to start watching Star Trek finale! 🖖

Just watched Phantom Threads. Holy shit I was not expecting that. An insane 5 stars. 🎬

Loving the emoji system on Especially excited to find so many people talking about books! 📚 For the record, am reading: After the Quake, Haruki Murakami, The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K (RIP), and totally loving the Saga graphic novels by Brian K Vaughan

Finally got round to restringing my guitar. So shiny! So clean-sounding. Next up: teaching “Puff the Magic Dragon” to my daughter.

First Twine project: a princess who looks for bunnies, written with my five-year-old.

So out of the blue, Book Mooch has been telling me about all these books on my wishlist that are suddenly available! It’s like hitting the jackpot! 💗