Some Good, Some Bad

Good grief, it’s been a real week of highs and lows:

* Spent the week meticulously writing down all my photos in my new Analog Book, only to discover a blank roll when I unloaded the development tank - turns out the camera wasn’t winding on and I didn’t notice!😩

* the photos that I was expecting to be total trash (after opening the back of an old lomo konstruktor and finding film inside) might actually be recoverable 🤞

* my d&d group of 8+ years is now homeless and may have to disband 🧙‍♂️

* my daughter has just come down sick with what looks like a tummy bug

* and this beauty arrived in the post today. She’s perfect. 🤩 📷

As an ex-Washingtonian I’ve got to say I’m totally jazzed by the preset names in sunlit! Find myself smiling every time I see them.

So, so happy to be able to announce that my short story, “The Obstinate One,” was accepted by Flame Tree Publishing for inclusion in their gothic short story collection, Lost Souls.


wipes butter off face oh yeah, now I remember why I took a break from making sourdough every week…

Yesterday I managed to take my Konica Hexar apart and fix its notorious sticky shutter/ autofocus. Found an awesome YouTube tutorial on it and thanks to husbo Steve and his handy bottle of contact cleaner, it’s now working as good as new. 🤩

I think they’re warming up to each other. 😺

The birthday card birthday Leila made for a friend has somehow turned into a Devo tribute. Sorry Henry!!

New toy. 📷

Fabulous essay about He-Man by We Are The Mutants. “‘So, who are the Masters of the Universe? Are they Skeletor and the bad guys or are they good guys?’ To which the producers replied, ‘We don’t know; we just have a name.’”

Being closely supervised in my girl-cave. (Any OCD types, apologies!)

Photo Class

I’ve found the very cool and I want to start working through the class. For the “intro 01” we’re to pick a favourite photo and write a bit about it.

I love this one of my daughter because it’s a cute one of her and my husband, totally normal for her to be gnawing on something! I also love it because it was one of the first films I developed after getting back into it after the high school days. Ditto with the photo of Pippi the cat. I love her expression here :)

Just currently looking at cross posting between and my other spots. How has everyone else set up their blogging? I’m not sure I want a complete mirror between my wordpress blog and my micro blog. But what to push through and what to keep separate? (And really, should I be doing both?) Still pondering…

Just found out this morning that a short story of mine’s been accepted for an anthology. My first sale! They’re asking us to keep details quiet until May but I am so unbelievably excited!

Random request for help: does anyone know what these are called? Little pictures that you get in large sheets but that are separated with little tabs? They seemed to be everywhere in the 70s/80s and I sort of want to get some more. Can you even get these things now? /random

Camera photo of Wairarapa balloon festival light show last night :)

New shoes. I feel like what’s-her-name in the Breakfast Club! 😍

Spent a chunk of the day on the Testbirds site. Verdict still out but as a software tester who is looking for non-conventional work (flexible hours, work from home, school holidays off if I want them) I do like the model. Anyone used them before? Or is it just Mechanical Turk for the IT set?

Spent the spare hours of the weekend developing some negatives in the bathtub, including my first shot at an at-home C-41 kit. I’m pretty pleased with the results, though my B&Ws are embarassingly scratched from Mum’s old Zeiss Ikon (which I think will need to be retired). The photos from the Hexar, on the other hand, are very pleasing :)

Waiting for the tooth fairy. //processed with Plastic Bullet