Time for another episode of “Help Me Configure My Blot.im Blog Because I Can’t Figure It Out By Myself!”

Blot cohorts, just wondering, do you integrate your blog with comments at all? I’m interested in possibly putting something in as without them my blog feels eerily like an echo chamber, but Disqus (which Blot gives an option for) feels more commercial (ads, etc) than I would like.

I’m also curious (and unsure) if I need to be worried about SSL for my site. I noticed that the blot blog uses http. I don’t currently ask for any user info but I may do down the line…

Also, just a rant (because it feels good!) that I still can’t get my domain hosting working (ideally I would love discombobulated.co.nz as my root domain but all I seem to be able to manage is a redirect to the blot.im site from there). Bleurg.