Blot conversation 4

Blot conversation 4 (This is almost turning into a newsletter, sheesh. Apologies to everyone who has to put up with all my questions. I really do appreciate your generosity with time taken to answer some of these; in return I’m trying to document them a bit, keep the answers all in one place.)

A couple of questions: Has anyone else noticed that the Blot.im documentation has taken a turn for the weird, with different sections repeated multiple times? e.g. here.

Also, it looks like the dashboard has been updated, which is fine and dandy, but suddenly there is a new “home” link (see below) that I can’t delete, and also leads to a blank page. Is anyone else suffering from this? (I’ve already got my blog name (with link) at the top left of the header, and don’t think I need yet another link.)

Lastly, I’m interested in creating a new template that will show a page that lists the tags that I’ve used, which in turn can take you to the /tagged/ page. Has anyone implemented something like this successfully? I basically understand what I need to be doing to create this but somehow just can’t get it working right.

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